Argan Oil for the Hair

1People are always looking for that perfect product to make their hair look shiny and healthy. There are so many products to choose from and it will all depend what works best on each individual. There have been outstanding reviews about people that have used argan oil for their hair. People have said it was the best product they have ever used that delivered beautiful results. Argan oil is not just for hair it can be used on your body and skin and the results are nothing less then amazing. People have said that they feel like they have a whole new head of hair after using this great oil.

Argan oil is very well known for calming frizzy hair and adding moisture to very dry hair. People can apply this oil when the hair is still damp or they can just put on ends when the hair is dry. This oil is also wonderful with people dealing with dry scalp and it will help to calm the itchiness as well. The directions show to just dab some oil on to a cotton ball and put directly on the scalp area. It is better to apply at night to get the full effect desired. Your hair will have a wonderful transformation with this oil and people will be sure to notice the gorgeous shine. If you need it for your face it will also work wonders for dry skin and smooths out wrinkles. People that have had dry hands and legs have also had great success with this oil that is very affordable online everywhere.



What is Moroccan Argan Oil

argan oilMoroccan Argan Oil, also known as Argan Oil, is a well-known plant oil that has been carefully extracted from the kernals found on the Argan Tree in Morocco. This particular oil will expire between 12 to 18 months after it has been extracted. Moroccan Argan Oil has been around for centuries, having a wide variety of uses and benefits to everyone that uses it.

Moroccan Argan Oil and Culinary Purposes

When people in Morocco first began to extract the Argan Oil from the Argan tree, they did so solely for culinary purposes. It has been used for cooking pastas, keeping them moist, as a dressing on salads, and as for a dip for bread. The Moroccan people have several various ways they use moroccan argan oil, and it is said that it is similiar to olive oil. Researchers have found that those who have large, daily consumption of Moroccan Argan Oil are highly likely to reduce their risk of developing a wide variety of cancers.

Moroccan Argan Oil and Cosmetic Use

Even though Moroccan Argan Oil originally started out for cooking purposes, it is more commonly used today for cosmetic purposes. It has been widely used as a moisturizer to treat dry, flakey, and scaley skin, as well as a way to prevent acne and prevent or diminish wrinkles. Even more so, this oil has been used for nourishing dry and damaged hair making it appear shinier, prevent further damage like split ends, and it has also been said that this particular oil will promote new hair growth. In addition, Moroccan Argan Oil has been used for healing burns on the skin, causing them to not only heal at a faster rate, but also prevent significant scarring.

Argan Oil

ARGAN OIL1Argan oil is extracted from a nut that comes from the tree called Argan located high in the Moroccan mountains. The nut is pulverized then heated, the oil is extracted using ancient methods. Argan oil is part of the regular diet of Morocco’s society. It is commonly added to bread or as a dressing. Its flavor is sour, people mix argan oil with a little bit of honey to balance its potent acerbic flavor. However, most of the people who have the privilege of finding this distinctive oil, use it for other nutrition aspects and consume it without any additives.

The nutritional aspects of argan oil are quite unique. Many healthy oils such as the oil from avocado help the body’s movement and good ligament handling. The amazing quality of argan oil is that it provides astonishing healthy nutritional factors for the heart. It has been only available for the past ten years in Europe and Africa. At first the cost of an ounce was priced up to fifty Euros. Since the demand has risen and cosmetic companies also have invested in quicker ways to buy it the cost has decreased. Now thanks to the social network it is available worldwide almost at half the cost.

The top line cosmetic companies have discovered that Argan oil is great for skin care. What this miraculous oil does is rejuvenate the skin, especially the skin face. The facial skin is more delicate. Cosmetic companies are always looking for the next best thing to help protect the skin and satisfy customers that are looking for the next best thing. Not only does it make the skin look healthy it also helps rejuvenate and kill dead cells.